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1 tghl14 tghl14

Date joined: 2017-05-23
Female, 49, Lethbridge, Alberta, Distance: 814 Miles
Description: I am smart and attractive, I am very compassionate, down to earth, I am spontaneous, live simple, I am quite more extrovert than being indoor, I love adventure and I am fun loving, I enjoy good food a ...

2 cutie1231 cutie1231

Date joined: 2017-05-22
Female, 52, Olds, Alberta, Distance: 863 Miles

3 jiyar jiyar

Date joined: 2017-05-13
Female, 46, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 855 Miles
I'm really good at: Looking for honest, reliable, employed, monogamous and long term relationship close to my age.

4 glamoure glamoure

Date joined: 2017-04-29
Male, 51, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 861 Miles
Six things I can't live without: artworks,church,reading,cooking,creative,happiness

5 prokkie prokkie

Date joined: 2017-04-25
Male, 58, Cold Lake, Alberta, Distance: 736 Miles
Six things I can't live without: I can live without a lot of things except for un-rushed hot sex.

6 clevaroy clevaroy

Date joined: 2017-04-20
Male, 31, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 867 Miles
Description: Hello The most important thing in the life of each person is to find happiness. Love is the main component of happiness for any person. It is worth to try to find it every day. My first step is to se ...

7 batman53 batman53

Date joined: 2017-04-16
Male, 53, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 855 Miles
I'm really good at: makeing people feel very comfortable with me

8 buddhistlooking buddhistlooking

Date joined: 2017-04-08
Male, 35, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 840 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Internet, my computer, my car, green tea, chocolates, family

9 travellover420 travellover420

Date joined: 2017-04-03
Female, 51, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 864 Miles
Description: hi just ask away i find many dont read this

10 oilersfan1990 oilersfan1990

Date joined: 2017-03-19
Female, 26, Berwyn, Alberta, Distance: 1055 Miles
Description: Not really classified as a lesbian more like trans (feel more guy wise)

11 bernie2018 bernie2018

Date joined: 2017-02-10
Male, 46, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 849 Miles
Six things I can't live without: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Car, Friends, Family

12 brodriguezzz brodriguezzz

Date joined: 2017-02-08
Male, 61, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 847 Miles
You should message me if: am fun to be with

13 kevin825 kevin825

Date joined: 2017-02-07
Male, 46, Bonnyville, Alberta, Distance: 753 Miles
You should message me if: Your happy / pretty /noared

14 saavica saavica

Date joined: 2017-01-28
Female, 31, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 863 Miles

15 mom39 mom39

Date joined: 2016-12-27
Female, 40, Lethbridge, Alberta, Distance: 814 Miles
Six things I can't live without: air, health,,water,kids.

16 sholtzy sholtzy

Date joined: 2016-12-09
Male, 65, Red Deer, Alberta, Distance: 854 Miles
You should message me if: If you would like a real good friend with benefits, age not important or is the size I am a married man Looking for casual encounter If you like receiving oral sex

17 waitinformyruca waitinformyruca

Date joined: 2016-12-04
Male, 31, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 849 Miles
I'm really good at: My job

18 jeannie jeannie

Date joined: 2016-12-02
Female, 55, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 853 Miles
Description: Good hearted, down to earth, loving, compassionate, great listener, loyal. Anything else you must find out for yourself. Dislike lists and cheats. We all have a past or we wouldn't be here. Keep ...

19 benbellamy benbellamy

Date joined: 2016-11-30
Male, 24, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 852 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Food friends and family love church tv

20 lookin4love2 lookin4love2

Date joined: 2016-11-22
Male, 46, Leduc, Alberta, Distance: 849 Miles
Description: I am a fun loving person that wants to get as much out of my life as I can . I am not afraid to try new things . I have a love of life in general . I am compassionate about my family and they are a bi ...

21 lonewolf1975 lonewolf1975

Date joined: 2016-11-19
Male, 42, Whitecourt, Alberta, Distance: 945 Miles
I'm really good at: I'm really good at cooking Romantic dinners I'm also a massage therapist aromatherapy and I enjoy pleasing the woman I'm with

22 sigrid_23 sigrid_23

Date joined: 2016-11-10
Female, 24, Edson, Alberta, Distance: 971 Miles
Description: I like to laugh a lot and enjoy time with my friends and pets. My Cats and Dogs are my family and I love them to death. I spend a lot of my time contemplating extra-terrestrial life and the phenomen ...

23 prettyjennng prettyjennng

Date joined: 2016-10-19
Female, 37, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Distance: 717 Miles
I'm really good at: My charity work and making people happy

24 sweetbbw1985 sweetbbw1985

Date joined: 2016-10-18
Female, 31, Sexsmith, Alberta, Distance: 1083 Miles
You should message me if: you want to im not too picky

25 marcoro marcoro

Date joined: 2016-10-09
Male, 62, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 862 Miles
Description: I love reading,listening to music,like action comedy movies,love meeting people far or near, i love been with friend and going out for camping and most of all been close to the nature.. Am looking fo ...


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