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1 isaac511 isaac511

Date joined: 2018-05-22
Male, 24, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 849 Miles
You should message me if: well you should message me if you are single,lonely and boring as i am and i can assure you that you and i will build a very good friendship which could eventually lead to a very good relationship

2 nonjang nonjang

Date joined: 2018-05-22
Male, 33, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 855 Miles
Description: An out going fun loving guy who knows how to treat a lady. Loves swimming, playing pool, watching movies and soccer.

3 ramandeo ramandeo

Date joined: 2018-05-20
Male, 27, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 851 Miles

4 janusss janusss

Date joined: 2018-05-16
Male, 57, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 850 Miles
Description: gegegwergegegsegsgsdfgfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdffg characters for "Description", "Six things I can't live without", "I'm really good at" and "You should ...

5 bugsy3280 bugsy3280

Date joined: 2018-05-15
Male, 53, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 868 Miles
I'm really good at: Being a good friend, good listener,

6 chef01 chef01

Date joined: 2018-05-13
Male, 62, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Distance: 1079 Miles
Description: Hi I am a fun loving guy who likes to experience as much as I can in life. I am a old schooled gentleman opening doors chocklates flowers treat a lady like a lady should be

7 ericb ericb

Date joined: 2018-05-12
Male, 35, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 849 Miles

8 netfrenzy netfrenzy

Date joined: 2018-05-01
Male, 61, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 858 Miles
Description: Looking For a FWB

9 yesiyq2 yesiyq2

Date joined: 2018-04-20
Male, 68, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 849 Miles
Description: I'm trustworthy, dependable, lovable, I'm a very attentive person and willing to try almost anything once!!! I have no piercings and only one very small tattoo, I also live in seniors apartm ...

10 renavatio renavatio

Date joined: 2018-04-15
Male, 39, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Distance: 841 Miles
Description: Easy going, outgoing, personable, approachable. I’m a very compassionate guy and a romantic who believes in chivalry. I’ll hold the door open for you, open your car door, pull your chair out for y ...

11 lia lia

Date joined: 2018-04-12
Female, 40, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 848 Miles

12 perttybae perttybae

Date joined: 2018-04-03
Female, 34, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 865 Miles
Description: I think that my eyes can tell a lot about my personality, but you will never know the person until you will look into the soul of this person! What can I tell about myself? Many things.... but most of ...

13 kashif kashif

Date joined: 2018-03-31
Male, 35, Innisfail, Alberta, Distance: 857 Miles
You should message me if: If you think that you are good at communication and down to earth. If you like to travel then I am a right person for you.

14 mariel mariel

Date joined: 2018-03-29
Female, 33, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 855 Miles
Description: Looking for someone to practice my english conversational skills

15 laumakeup laumakeup

Date joined: 2018-03-24
Female, 34, Edmonton, Alberta, Distance: 847 Miles
You should message me if: You are above 40 years old you must be able to speak English you must be open minded. I am not perfect so i am not looking for a perfect man either. You should love your family you should have a good ...

16 titsy_teresa18 titsy_teresa18

Date joined: 2018-03-18
Female, 58, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 848 Miles
Description: a handsome burly tattooed sincere genuine man

17 zainabu019gmai zainabu019gmai

Date joined: 2018-03-11
Female, 28, Red Deer, Alberta, Distance: 854 Miles
Description: Looking after my children at home!

18 homppy homppy

Date joined: 2018-02-20
Male, 24, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 864 Miles
You should message me if: you want to be friends

19 rc rc

Date joined: 2018-02-20
Male, 39, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 855 Miles
You should message me if: You are interested on me

20 korrank korrank

Date joined: 2018-02-19
Male, 38, Camrose, Alberta, Distance: 817 Miles
I'm really good at: pleasing women with my hands teaching people how to play video games i like trying to fix things also keeping things sort of nice looking around the house im also a great shopper as well when at the m ...

21 winnie1992 winnie1992

Date joined: 2018-02-19
Female, 25, Lethbridge, Alberta, Distance: 814 Miles
You should message me if: you should message me if you are a serious individual looking for a partner.

22 froggy101 froggy101

Date joined: 2018-02-17
Male, 25, Milk River, Alberta, Distance: 787 Miles
I'm really good at: outdoor survival making music cooking

23 mizzty1 mizzty1

Date joined: 2018-01-30
Female, 33, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 861 Miles
You should message me if: I like it when a guy aint shy

24 jtk jtk

Date joined: 2018-01-28
Male, 44, Red Deer, Alberta, Distance: 854 Miles
Description: Hi, what's going on? I am, me :) . I consider myself to be a fun gentelman with a good personality. I am interested in finding a girl that wants to have a little fun with a wild spirit. I love to ...

25 advocate99 advocate99

Date joined: 2018-01-17
Male, 32, Calgary, Alberta, Distance: 863 Miles
Six things I can't live without: I think mother nature is important. I don't count on material things. I don't disagree with the common necessary things like phone and driving a vehicle. Making a living etc.


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