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1 gilmoregirl77 gilmoregirl77

Date joined: 2018-07-25
Female, 42, Merritt, British Columbia, Distance: 1161 Miles
Description: I am a Christian woman looking for a kind hearted and Christian man who loves Jesus more than me. My dream man must live in Canada, be loyal and faithful to me, and want to pray with me and do God ...

2 justguri justguri

Date joined: 2018-07-20
Male, 28, Quesnel, British Columbia, Distance: 1218 Miles
Description: im here to have fun call me anytime we do something intresting lol

3 oldsparky421 oldsparky421

Date joined: 2018-07-17
Male, 54, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Distance: 1224 Miles
Six things I can't live without: food, water, money, friends, laughter, partner

4 mandem mandem

Date joined: 2018-07-16
Male, 66, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Distance: 1259 Miles
Description: Am new here looking for a long term relationship

5 segvic segvic

Date joined: 2018-07-13
Female, 23, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1275 Miles
You should message me if: I am a responsible and honest young lady interested in a real and genuine relationship. I will like to know more about you. please get back to me on.

6 maturelionheart maturelionheart

Date joined: 2018-07-08
Male, 72, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1274 Miles
I'm really good at: Cunnilingus.

7 chris887 chris887

Date joined: 2018-07-06
Male, 52, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Distance: 1224 Miles
Description: I'm sincere and down to earth . I try to laugh alot and not take life to serious , I love stimulating conversation on almost any topic

8 jay2kisser jay2kisser

Date joined: 2018-07-01
Male, 63, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1271 Miles

9 daveopperman daveopperman

Date joined: 2018-06-19
Male, 36, Duncan, British Columbia, Distance: 1308 Miles
Six things I can't live without: food, watter, air. a woman with a healthy need for great sex and some that they can get it from.

10 obase101 obase101

Date joined: 2018-06-03
Male, 56, Burnaby, British Columbia, Distance: 1270 Miles
You should message me if: you not afraid to love.

11 paulabanacin232 paulabanacin232

Date joined: 2018-05-23
Female, 34, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1266 Miles
You should message me if: You are interested in me

12 rebecca2018 rebecca2018

Date joined: 2018-05-23
Female, 57, Port Hardy, British Columbia, Distance: 1443 Miles
You should message me if: You are willing and able to relocate as i cannot do so

13 garry2550 garry2550

Date joined: 2018-05-19
Male, 31, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1263 Miles

14 artman59 artman59

Date joined: 2018-05-17
Male, 62, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1301 Miles
Six things I can't live without: air,food,art,tv,movies,sex

15 briltzzilla briltzzilla

Date joined: 2018-05-11
Male, 48, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Distance: 1245 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Sex internet candy phone

16 fvjeep fvjeep

Date joined: 2018-05-09
Male, 39, Mission, British Columbia, Distance: 1241 Miles

17 eatpuss4u2 eatpuss4u2

Date joined: 2018-05-07
Male, 44, Swansea Point, British Columbia, Distance: 1080 Miles
You should message me if: If you're interested

18 looking51 looking51

Date joined: 2018-05-06
Male, 53, Lillooet, British Columbia, Distance: 1206 Miles
Description: 51 year old male here.Would like to meet someone between 40-55.i live in small town bc.i have a full time job.2 kids grown up and gone.just insured my ready to travel a active guy so I’m ...

19 rahuljaat rahuljaat

Date joined: 2018-05-02
Male, 24, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1266 Miles
You should message me if: you like me

20 smartfrank14 smartfrank14

Date joined: 2018-04-27
Male, 59, Whistler, British Columbia, Distance: 1257 Miles
I'm really good at: showing care

21 dezmann dezmann

Date joined: 2018-04-25
Male, 49, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1273 Miles
Description: A beautiful Asian woman with an average body about 5'10 and 120 to 130 lbs,

22 philipguy3030 philipguy3030

Date joined: 2018-04-24
Male, 53, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1264 Miles
Description: Sexy half German and half aboriginal man with a big tongue and a big heart.

23 jayhm jayhm

Date joined: 2018-04-24
Male, 43, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1297 Miles
I'm really good at: Creative design,writing,organizing, etc

24 yaanaa yaanaa

Date joined: 2018-04-24
Female, 42, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1276 Miles
Description: I'm looking for a serious... I'M SINGLE AND I NEED SOME ONE TO LOVE ME Just wanna have fun... Ask Me! any question u feel like I am 40 yo, looking for a good time Single and ready to me ...

25 jayjay0147 jayjay0147

Date joined: 2018-04-22
Male, 57, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1262 Miles
I'm really good at: what i do for work, building great connections


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