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1 luvmuffin luvmuffin

Date joined: 2017-04-23
Male, 42, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Distance: 1260 Miles
Description: i am a Christian guy... loving , kind, romantic, attentive, good sense of humor, intelligent, good listener.. wyw ry wrty wrty hw2th w2h w2th w5th w5h 5ryh th 56h 56h56hyw56hyw56hy56rhyw56t5y5y w

2 lonelysolar lonelysolar

Date joined: 2017-04-20
Male, 49, New Westminster, British Columbia, Distance: 1265 Miles
You should message me if: If you are real and want something real

3 tictactoe17 tictactoe17

Date joined: 2017-04-01
Male, 41, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Distance: 1250 Miles
You should message me if: You are a dominant woman that is selfish about her needs and knows what she wants

4 runescape runescape

Date joined: 2017-03-26
Male, 26, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Distance: 1314 Miles

5 ronboy211 ronboy211

Date joined: 2017-03-12
Male, 39, Fernie, British Columbia, Distance: 915 Miles
You should message me if: if you like chocolate for breakfast;-)) if you like to meet up for a fine cup of coffee someday

6 alanmatthew alanmatthew

Date joined: 2017-03-01
Male, 54, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1304 Miles
You should message me if: someone who has a zest for life,someone who can have laugh and have fun but,and at the same time,she most be responsible.

7 gavin4u gavin4u

Date joined: 2017-02-28
Male, 59, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1277 Miles
You should message me if: no games please

8 raymond67 raymond67

Date joined: 2017-02-21
Male, 50, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1271 Miles

9 heartlight heartlight

Date joined: 2017-01-22
Female, 51, Lindell Beach, British Columbia, Distance: 1229 Miles
Six things I can't live without: My relationship to God/Truth/Unfoldment. Animals/Nature/Sense of onder and Curiousity/clean water and air/sunshine.

10 samson2016 samson2016

Date joined: 2017-01-03
Male, 51, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1300 Miles
Six things I can't live without: air(lol). vehicle. friends. internet. cellphone. love connection.

11 braydoff braydoff

Date joined: 2016-12-24
Male, 21, Langley, British Columbia, Distance: 1257 Miles
I'm really good at: soccer swimming creative things video games cooking phycology and i dont know nothing else comes to mind ............................................................................................... ...

12 bigasscock4u bigasscock4u

Date joined: 2016-11-20
Male, 42, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1266 Miles
Six things I can't live without: weed,pussy, booze ,music, movies, car

13 bwh45 bwh45

Date joined: 2016-11-15
Male, 46, Duncan, British Columbia, Distance: 1308 Miles
I'm really good at: anything artsy, painting, sculpture, sketching ect.

14 ajsnshy2 ajsnshy2

Date joined: 2016-10-30
Female, 48, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1262 Miles
Description: am very good looking caring woman ilove cooking and reading.

15 donnie33 donnie33

Date joined: 2016-10-29
Male, 40, Cache Creek, British Columbia, Distance: 1178 Miles
I'm really good at: Sports outdoor activities building driving ,giving massages

16 kenzie_90 kenzie_90

Date joined: 2016-10-27
Male, 27, Kelowna, British Columbia, Distance: 1106 Miles
You should message me if: If you are interested in me , want to get to know more about me then message me please. If you want to meet me in person and interested in me send me a message please.

17 joeec joeec

Date joined: 2016-10-11
Male, 49, Fort St John, British Columbia, Distance: 1173 Miles

18 mussabc mussabc

Date joined: 2016-10-08
Male, 51, Kelowna, British Columbia, Distance: 1104 Miles
You should message me if: To share your sorrows and pain To share the sunshine and the rain To walk beside you all the way That is what friends are for To look into your eyes and care When you are lonely they will share ...

19 summerslastsigh summerslastsigh

Date joined: 2016-10-02
Male, 28, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1297 Miles
You should message me if: You'd like to talk! Or if you'd like to teach me something. I'm looking for something either casual or meaningful, but not anything long term. I'm in a polyamorous relationship, s ...

20 samsim2016 samsim2016

Date joined: 2016-09-30
Male, 51, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1298 Miles
Description: Single father of 2 just out of a long relationship. open minded. likes hiking. camping. fishing, beach adventures, star gazing, watching movies and some naughty stuff.

21 maria_white maria_white

Date joined: 2016-09-18
Female, 29, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1275 Miles
Description: Hi Guys. I am a Russian girl who strives to be positive about every aspect of life. I have been living in Vancouver little more than a year now and I really enjoy the life here. There are many things ...

22 letsplaynowk123 letsplaynowk123

Date joined: 2016-09-17
Male, 46, Duncan, British Columbia, Distance: 1308 Miles
Six things I can't live without: sex sex sex

23 sports1398 sports1398

Date joined: 2016-09-16
Male, 28, Kamloops, British Columbia, Distance: 1136 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Sports - Hockey and Football

24 prosecco321 prosecco321

Date joined: 2016-09-01
Male, 55, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Distance: 1090 Miles
Description: I'm an active fun guy, healthy happy intelligent, humourous and repsectful. I like outdoor and indoor activities, good food, music, small groups rather than large parties.

25 will-ie will-ie

Date joined: 2016-08-31
Male, 65, Merritt, British Columbia, Distance: 1161 Miles
Six things I can't live without: working on older vehicles, wintering in AZ. the odd motorcycle ride, spring snowmobiling, fall fairs, some outdoor sports


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