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1 gilmoregirl77 gilmoregirl77

Date joined: 2018-07-25
Female, 42, Merritt, British Columbia, Distance: 1161 Miles
I'm really good at: listening and talking. I am not judgemental, and I enjoy getting to know the real people inside themselves.

2 justguri justguri

Date joined: 2018-07-20
Male, 28, Quesnel, British Columbia, Distance: 1218 Miles
Description: im here to have fun call me anytime we do something intresting lol

3 oldsparky421 oldsparky421

Date joined: 2018-07-17
Male, 54, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Distance: 1224 Miles
You should message me if: You are open, honest and really looking to meet someone to enjoy life with.

4 mandem mandem

Date joined: 2018-07-16
Male, 66, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Distance: 1259 Miles
Description: Am new here looking for a long term relationship

5 segvic segvic

Date joined: 2018-07-13
Female, 23, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1275 Miles
You should message me if: I am a responsible and honest young lady interested in a real and genuine relationship. I will like to know more about you. please get back to me on.

6 maturelionheart maturelionheart

Date joined: 2018-07-08
Male, 72, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1274 Miles
I'm really good at: Cunnilingus.

7 chris887 chris887

Date joined: 2018-07-06
Male, 52, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Distance: 1224 Miles
Description: I'm sincere and down to earth . I try to laugh alot and not take life to serious , I love stimulating conversation on almost any topic

8 jay2kisser jay2kisser

Date joined: 2018-07-01
Male, 63, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1271 Miles

9 daveopperman daveopperman

Date joined: 2018-06-19
Male, 36, Duncan, British Columbia, Distance: 1308 Miles
You should message me if: your a bigger woman of any shape or size... i just dont like skinny. you want a fwb for great sex without all the drama or a relationship

10 obase101 obase101

Date joined: 2018-06-03
Male, 56, Burnaby, British Columbia, Distance: 1270 Miles
Description: I am a simple man in the pursuit of happiness.I enjoy to live life and value the essence of living. I don't really know how this would work, but hey! here is an exclusive. If at my age i do not k ...

11 paulabanacin232 paulabanacin232

Date joined: 2018-05-23
Female, 35, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1266 Miles
You should message me if: You are interested in me

12 rebecca2018 rebecca2018

Date joined: 2018-05-23
Female, 57, Port Hardy, British Columbia, Distance: 1443 Miles
You should message me if: You are willing and able to relocate as i cannot do so

13 garry2550 garry2550

Date joined: 2018-05-19
Male, 32, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1263 Miles

14 artman59 artman59

Date joined: 2018-05-17
Male, 62, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1301 Miles
You should message me if: if you creative artitic or can aprcite an artist man if your witty have alot of interests in alot of things an activities

15 briltzzilla briltzzilla

Date joined: 2018-05-11
Male, 49, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Distance: 1245 Miles
You should message me if: You curious

16 fvjeep fvjeep

Date joined: 2018-05-09
Male, 40, Mission, British Columbia, Distance: 1241 Miles

17 eatpuss4u2 eatpuss4u2

Date joined: 2018-05-07
Male, 44, Swansea Point, British Columbia, Distance: 1080 Miles
You should message me if: If you're interested

18 looking51 looking51

Date joined: 2018-05-06
Male, 53, Lillooet, British Columbia, Distance: 1206 Miles
I'm really good at: Foot and back rubs!and I do like to listen.if u have something to say about ur day I will listen.

19 rahuljaat rahuljaat

Date joined: 2018-05-02
Male, 24, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1266 Miles
You should message me if: you like me

20 smartfrank14 smartfrank14

Date joined: 2018-04-27
Male, 59, Whistler, British Columbia, Distance: 1257 Miles
Six things I can't live without: sex food money love care and romance

21 dezmann dezmann

Date joined: 2018-04-25
Male, 49, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1273 Miles
You should message me if: Your interest in chatting maybe meet up and have dinner

22 philipguy3030 philipguy3030

Date joined: 2018-04-24
Male, 54, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1264 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Having the ability to write good poems. Sex

23 jayhm jayhm

Date joined: 2018-04-24
Male, 43, Victoria, British Columbia, Distance: 1297 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Music. Family. Positivity/Optimism Making positive impact Purpose

24 yaanaa yaanaa

Date joined: 2018-04-24
Female, 42, Vancouver, British Columbia, Distance: 1276 Miles
Description: I'm looking for a serious... I'M SINGLE AND I NEED SOME ONE TO LOVE ME Just wanna have fun... Ask Me! any question u feel like I am 40 yo, looking for a good time Single and ready to me ...

25 jayjay0147 jayjay0147

Date joined: 2018-04-22
Male, 58, Surrey, British Columbia, Distance: 1262 Miles
You should message me if: You not into games and wants something genuine


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