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1 cowboyx cowboyx

Date joined: 2016-08-06
Male, 36, Jerseyside, Newfoundland, Distance: 1845 Miles
Six things I can't live without: cars , money , my dog

2 consumatelover consumatelover

Date joined: 2015-09-29
Male, 37, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Distance: 1634 Miles
Description: Easy going guy, looking to meet someone special. I have a great sense of humor and have been told I'm like the energizer bunny in the bedroom, cause I keep going and going for hours of enjoyment. ...

3 sexycarin2015 sexycarin2015

Date joined: 2015-06-23
Female, 32, Burin, Newfoundland, Distance: 1798 Miles
You should message me if: You want to laugh, likes to cuddle and love kids

4 whiskers whiskers

Date joined: 2015-06-18
Male, 42, Botwood, Newfoundland, Distance: 1744 Miles
Description: im a foul mouthed perverted biker, but I have respect

5 amandapoohbear amandapoohbear

Date joined: 2015-06-16
Female, 23, Stephenville, Newfoundland, Distance: 1614 Miles
You should message me if: Your An Honest Person,If Your Looking For Someone To Maybe Be With Long-Term,If Your Interested In What You |Read And ETC...

6 pprita001 pprita001

Date joined: 2015-06-08
Female, 35, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Distance: 1634 Miles
Description: I'm a romantic woman, I love going to the beach, listen to music, love taking a walk, love going to the cinemas. I would describe myself as very caring a gentle and positive person Very generous ...

7 hoskins245 hoskins245

Date joined: 2015-06-07
Male, 20, Grand Falls-windsor, Newfoundland, Distance: 1734 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Freedom internet friends family

8 mb21 mb21

Date joined: 2015-06-07
Female, 34, Port Au Port, Newfoundland, Distance: 1608 Miles
Description: Tall, built, energetic athletic

9 tery7058 tery7058

Date joined: 2015-05-10
Male, 46, Avondale, Newfoundland, Distance: 1875 Miles
Description: I love walking on the beach, watching the lighthouse and sunset, meditating and letting my thoughts flow. I love strolling through art galleries and museums. I would like to know more about you. could ...

10 ash456 ash456

Date joined: 2015-05-04
Male, 20, Marystown, Newfoundland, Distance: 1796 Miles
Description: im looking for someone that can make my fantasies come true

11 kay72 kay72

Date joined: 2015-04-26
Female, 44, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Distance: 1890 Miles

12 lisacandycanes lisacandycanes

Date joined: 2015-04-18
Female, 32, Dunville, Newfoundland, Distance: 1848 Miles
You should message me if: If you are interested in making a new friend or looking for a relationship

13 dodgelover dodgelover

Date joined: 2015-03-11
Female, 31, Botwood, Newfoundland, Distance: 1744 Miles
Description: Fun loveing and love my family with all my heart.

14 bennyboymorris bennyboymorris

Date joined: 2015-03-08
Male, 27, Burlington, Newfoundland, Distance: 1703 Miles
Six things I can't live without: hunt fishing be with friends

15 aj20205 aj20205

Date joined: 2015-01-16
Male, 23, Clarenville, Newfoundland, Distance: 1824 Miles
Description: Hookups or hang outs

16 zelasko zelasko

Date joined: 2014-12-30
Male, 28, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Distance: 1868 Miles
Description: 25 year old in need of a good women.. i can be quite alot, i find i dont have much to say unless the right person is in fronth of me then ill get to the point where you wish you a sewing kit sometimes ...

17 renegadecouple renegadecouple

Date joined: 2014-11-02
Male, 42, Labrador City, Newfoundland, Distance: 1207 Miles

18 taylor316 taylor316

Date joined: 2014-10-26
Male, 51, Bell Island, Newfoundland, Distance: 1881 Miles

19 altostratus altostratus

Date joined: 2014-10-22
Male, 54, Hants Harbour, Newfoundland, Distance: 1860 Miles
Description: I like to stay in shape. and do a lot of travelling. I love to learn new things, and I don't watch very much television.

20 raudhri1 raudhri1

Date joined: 2014-10-17
Male, 37, New Harbour Tb, Newfoundland, Distance: 1856 Miles
You should message me if: Interested and care to chat

21 dc709 dc709

Date joined: 2014-10-01
Male, 21, Logy Bay, Newfoundland, Distance: 1892 Miles
Description: im not looking for anything serious message me if u want to hang out and have good times

22 princess454u princess454u

Date joined: 2014-08-23
Female, 47, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Distance: 1883 Miles
You should message me if: your inerst meeting me

23 bigandreadygirl bigandreadygirl

Date joined: 2014-08-02
Female, 38, Wabush, Newfoundland, Distance: 1207 Miles
Six things I can't live without: my kids, my cell phone, my dogs, my job, my family, my car

24 nikita51ca nikita51ca

Date joined: 2014-06-28
Female, 36, Baytona, Newfoundland, Distance: 1766 Miles

25 jan jan

Date joined: 2014-04-09
Female, 52, Channel-port-aux-basques, Newfoundland, Distance: 1610 Miles
Six things I can't live without: family, friends, companionship, job, money, my car


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