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1 simooa simooa

Date joined: 2018-05-22
Male, 28, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Distance: 260 Miles
You should message me if: you're interested

2 kendralee kendralee

Date joined: 2018-05-22
Female, 55, Peterborough, Ontario, Distance: 852 Miles
Description: I've been single for quite some choice. I needed to focus on a few things in my life, which I've done and now it's time to focus on myself. It would be nice to share th ...

3 andreagassi2018 andreagassi2018

Date joined: 2018-05-21
Male, 22, Hamilton, Ontario, Distance: 830 Miles

4 lywras76 lywras76

Date joined: 2018-05-21
Female, 33, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
Six things I can't live without: I will tell about that later

5 rolly1 rolly1

Date joined: 2018-05-20
Male, 43, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 925 Miles

6 doug16 doug16

Date joined: 2018-05-20
Male, 62, Mississauga, Ontario, Distance: 820 Miles

7 lovaticfanfor lovaticfanfor

Date joined: 2018-05-20
Female, 21, Brampton, Ontario, Distance: 813 Miles
You should message me if:

8 bruce123 bruce123

Date joined: 2018-05-18
Male, 65, Welland, Ontario, Distance: 865 Miles
Description: I like adventure,sports,casino,bike riding ,movies.

9 mineismine mineismine

Date joined: 2018-05-18
Male, 23, Etobicoke, Ontario, Distance: 821 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Bad attitude

10 dnlkiran dnlkiran

Date joined: 2018-05-17
Male, 34, Kitchener, Ontario, Distance: 801 Miles

11 williamjermaine williamjermaine

Date joined: 2018-05-16
Male, 48, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 927 Miles

12 sensualswede sensualswede

Date joined: 2018-05-15
Male, 64, Pickering, Ontario, Distance: 838 Miles
Description: Swede ancestry, blue eyes, athletic build, played couple of sports competitively, licensed scuba diver, globe-trotter, well-educated/traveled/mannered, open-minded and exciting

13 strong36cm strong36cm

Date joined: 2018-05-15
Male, 30, Windsor, Ontario, Distance: 758 Miles
Description: Waiting for life to surprise me

14 joseph246661 joseph246661

Date joined: 2018-05-13
Male, 59, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 833 Miles

15 merobert1 merobert1

Date joined: 2018-05-13
Male, 46, St Catharines, Ontario, Distance: 860 Miles
I'm really good at: being loving

16 baldharry baldharry

Date joined: 2018-05-13
Male, 63, Marmora, Ontario, Distance: 872 Miles
I'm really good at: I wouldn't want to say I'm especially good at anything. That would be bragging anyways. I try my best.

17 maria1405 maria1405

Date joined: 2018-05-12
Female, 30, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 927 Miles
You should message me if: I am here looking for that special man to spend the rest of my life with

18 kc77 kc77

Date joined: 2018-05-12
Male, 41, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Distance: 120 Miles
You should message me if: if your tired of living a life where you meet guys that aren't serious and hopefully me and you can make and build something special that will change our life

19 andreagassi8102 andreagassi8102

Date joined: 2018-05-11
Male, 45, Hamilton, Ontario, Distance: 830 Miles
You should message me if: you feel like it

20 silverfox silverfox

Date joined: 2018-05-11
Male, 60, Thornhill, Ontario, Distance: 824 Miles

21 jeffj jeffj

Date joined: 2018-05-10
Male, 40, Brantford, Ontario, Distance: 820 Miles
You should message me if: want to chat,and meet up someday to start a relationship,

22 sirosan sirosan

Date joined: 2018-05-10
Male, 33, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 837 Miles
You should message me if: Email and messengers

23 jean4lover jean4lover

Date joined: 2018-05-08
Female, 28, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 927 Miles
Six things I can't live without: God,Love,water,air,smile,prayer.

24 olderdude olderdude

Date joined: 2018-05-07
Male, 58, Simcoe, Ontario, Distance: 831 Miles
You should message me if: you have interest in meeting and down for some fun times , could be as simple as sitting snuggled up watching a movie or going out to dinner and a movie

25 george_milk george_milk

Date joined: 2018-05-06
Male, 30, London, Ontario, Distance: 792 Miles
I'm really good at: m offering a massage and sex to women , I can travel to you. I will give you a massage and sex you will not forget. I'm 29 ,and looking for a great time. I'm athletic build and goodlooking. ...


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