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1 robblantine robblantine

Date joined: 2018-07-16
Male, 50, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
Six things I can't live without: my computer my bible food water internet my daughter

2 sandylovie sandylovie

Date joined: 2018-07-14
Female, 30, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
I'm really good at: Cooking, Sex.

3 peaches420 peaches420

Date joined: 2018-07-12
Male, 36, Gloucester, Ontario, Distance: 929 Miles

4 bittu_1793 bittu_1793

Date joined: 2018-07-11
Male, 36, Windsor, Ontario, Distance: 755 Miles

5 richardmania richardmania

Date joined: 2018-07-09
Male, 59, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 927 Miles
Description: I am a very communicative and open-minded person. I appreciate dedicate and faith in people as it is very important for me. I think that there is nothing impossible in our life.I am a responsible, int ...

6 magicrose99 magicrose99

Date joined: 2018-07-07
Female, 49, St Catharines, Ontario, Distance: 861 Miles
Six things I can't live without: My kids music family happiness laughter AC lol

7 tsonnhs_36 tsonnhs_36

Date joined: 2018-07-06
Male, 36, East York, Ontario, Distance: 831 Miles

8 rome rome

Date joined: 2018-07-05
Male, 29, Windsor, Ontario, Distance: 756 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Travelling, books, playing, studying, enjoyment, workout, parks, walking, jogging and running, swimming, planning, thinking, inventing, etc etc

9 silentpoetry30 silentpoetry30

Date joined: 2018-07-04
Female, 30, Kenora, Ontario, Distance: 4 Miles
Description: Hi! My name is Astrid and I'm a total dork. Dork as in painfully earnest, and playful. I can be cheesy just as I can be a rock. My relationship with my goals are pretty intense, so it's impo ...

10 abab1980 abab1980

Date joined: 2018-07-04
Male, 38, Nepean, Ontario, Distance: 929 Miles

11 hannaho hannaho

Date joined: 2018-07-01
Female, 41, Whitby, Ontario, Distance: 841 Miles
You should message me if: If you actually have a relationship with Christ Jesus and that relationship is what influences your life choices.

12 abellasmith121 abellasmith121

Date joined: 2018-07-01
Female, 27, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
Description: I am looking for a man, who will give me support in all my endeavors and understand me. I hope to find someone, who will give me attention and care of me, so I will feel myself needed.

13 energizer0368 energizer0368

Date joined: 2018-07-01
Male, 50, Cambridge, Ontario, Distance: 804 Miles

14 lady2020 lady2020

Date joined: 2018-07-01
Female, 52, Woodbridge, Ontario, Distance: 820 Miles
Description: im a nice woman who have a kid so i wood like to fine a man who have kids as well

15 bo198399 bo198399

Date joined: 2018-06-30
Male, 35, Oshawa, Ontario, Distance: 845 Miles
I'm really good at: If you want to know you'll have to ask

16 alptand alptand

Date joined: 2018-06-28
Male, 32, Mississauga, Ontario, Distance: 826 Miles
You should message me if: You want to date me

17 frankeeg frankeeg

Date joined: 2018-06-27
Male, 40, York, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles

18 dil dil

Date joined: 2018-06-24
Male, 24, Peterborough, Ontario, Distance: 849 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Food internet friends parents religion study

19 pamela112 pamela112

Date joined: 2018-06-22
Female, 35, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 832 Miles
You should message me if: you are interested in what you see.

20 mikemike6000 mikemike6000

Date joined: 2018-06-22
Male, 41, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles
I'm really good at: Fuck all the women specially the full body with a big tits, like full body and full cute girls, the round body I prefer but not a condition, like everyone, like to enjoy the other side

21 sky-line sky-line

Date joined: 2018-06-22
Male, 54, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 929 Miles
You should message me if: Massage me if you interested

22 savannah_sosa savannah_sosa

Date joined: 2018-06-21
Female, 31, North York, Ontario, Distance: 835 Miles
You should message me if: your interested in me

23 goodheart232 goodheart232

Date joined: 2018-06-21
Male, 55, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles

24 triciababes69 triciababes69

Date joined: 2018-06-21
Female, 24, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
Description: Legit and loyal

25 romanceseeker romanceseeker

Date joined: 2018-06-19
Male, 34, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 830 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Music, my phone and soccer.


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