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1 dommeshanelle dommeshanelle

Date joined: 2018-03-22
Female, 29, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 927 Miles
You should message me if: i will tell you later

2 baldbear02 baldbear02

Date joined: 2018-03-21
Male, 63, Woodstock, Ontario, Distance: 801 Miles
You should message me if: If: You truly have in your heart to want to get to know me and meet when the time is right. If you are open minded about telling me who you are and what you are about , the things that make you happy, ...

3 guohui guohui

Date joined: 2018-03-20
Male, 49, Waterloo, Ontario, Distance: 792 Miles
Description: live,laugh,love, care about people and music

4 bound_to_please bound_to_please

Date joined: 2018-03-19
Male, 53, Markham, Ontario, Distance: 827 Miles
Description: sucessful down to earth male who values honesty and proper woman, who like romance and is happy.

5 troyvillads troyvillads

Date joined: 2018-03-16
Male, 47, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 832 Miles

6 genuine genuine

Date joined: 2018-03-16
Female, 55, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
I'm really good at: Listening, caring, traveling, connecting with people, intuition, communicating, loving, improving things. 💕

7 jackiep2603 jackiep2603

Date joined: 2018-03-12
Male, 48, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
You should message me if: if you really interested in me

8 tim64 tim64

Date joined: 2018-03-12
Male, 53, North York, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles
You should message me if: Are you an open-minded MAN that can chat for hours? I'd love to be your soundboard. Let's get in touch.

9 cindyl cindyl

Date joined: 2018-03-10
Female, 47, Hamilton, Ontario, Distance: 830 Miles
Description: Fun and straightforward.

10 keepingitreal keepingitreal

Date joined: 2018-03-10
Female, 53, Georgetown, Ontario, Distance: 811 Miles
You should message me if: you don't play games

11 wealthyboy wealthyboy

Date joined: 2018-03-07
Male, 30, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 830 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Soccer and video games and computers , nice sports cars and nice jewellery and technology on a hold. Love my bank account balance especially when it goes up ,

12 doublep1973 doublep1973

Date joined: 2018-03-07
Male, 45, Nepean, Ontario, Distance: 928 Miles
I'm really good at: Memorizing dates and certain events in my life or music, birthdays etc.

13 brianna_barrito brianna_barrito

Date joined: 2018-03-07
Female, 32, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
Description: Its just a number and it doesnt really matters

14 teddysat10 teddysat10

Date joined: 2018-03-07
Male, 55, Grimsby, Ontario, Distance: 844 Miles

15 nasyamasya nasyamasya

Date joined: 2018-03-06
Female, 35, Acton, Ontario, Distance: 813 Miles

16 muggez muggez

Date joined: 2018-03-05
Male, 48, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
You should message me if: You're interested or there's a chance for me to know you well enough? Someone who is honest, faithful, loyal, kind hearted, spontaneous, a nice acquaintance, thoughtful, understandable, adve ...

17 delphine18 delphine18

Date joined: 2018-03-02
Female, 42, Ancaster, Ontario, Distance: 826 Miles
Six things I can't live without: football, kiss , hugs, protest

18 djbear1957 djbear1957

Date joined: 2018-03-01
Male, 60, Owen Sound, Ontario, Distance: 734 Miles
I'm really good at: a lot of things Plus i love to cook and BBQ I can build a house from the ground up In side the house run a bath rub your feet give you a hot oil massage and i love to give oral and receive

19 relaxinginbg relaxinginbg

Date joined: 2018-03-01
Male, 85, Sarnia, Ontario, Distance: 746 Miles
I'm really good at: Blah blah blah blah blah blah

20 palbvt palbvt

Date joined: 2018-03-01
Male, 61, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 930 Miles

21 aaron001 aaron001

Date joined: 2018-02-27
Male, 52, Prescott, Ontario, Distance: 957 Miles

22 akash akash

Date joined: 2018-02-25
Male, 26, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 835 Miles

23 diya diya

Date joined: 2018-02-25
Female, 45, North York, Ontario, Distance: 832 Miles

24 preciousdiva preciousdiva

Date joined: 2018-02-23
Female, 39, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
Six things I can't live without: i want someone that know that need of a woman because i want someone as equal right of me so we can tend take care of each other all the tome .

25 falcoreguy30 falcoreguy30

Date joined: 2018-02-20
Male, 30, Guelph, Ontario, Distance: 801 Miles
I'm really good at: I am really good at listening to other people and being there to support friends when they are in need. I am always there when they need to have their spirits lifted.


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