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1 whitbylover whitbylover

Date joined: 2017-06-20
Male, 32, Whitby, Ontario, Distance: 841 Miles
I'm really good at: Love Making Passionately, Electronics, Blogging

2 simar simar

Date joined: 2017-06-20
Male, 21, Brampton, Ontario, Distance: 811 Miles

3 abbyvanulzen abbyvanulzen

Date joined: 2017-06-19
Female, 29, East York, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Life, Love, Family, Friends, Money, and Food

4 sgtken17 sgtken17

Date joined: 2017-06-19
Male, 46, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 833 Miles
Description: I'm a good looking guy, well built, well read,Good listener, good communication. some fun and irony, open minded I can laugh at myself, good problem solver. Balanced with myself, I like the outdo ...

5 maxsmith maxsmith

Date joined: 2017-06-17
Male, 26, Mississauga, Ontario, Distance: 825 Miles
You should message me if: If you find me interesting.

6 ser ser

Date joined: 2017-06-17
Male, 32, Waterloo, Ontario, Distance: 792 Miles

7 too_cool too_cool

Date joined: 2017-06-10
Male, 47, Brantford, Ontario, Distance: 819 Miles

8 rahat rahat

Date joined: 2017-06-09
Male, 34, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
You should message me if: if u feel interested on me

9 stikp stikp

Date joined: 2017-06-08
Male, 47, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
You should message me if: you are looking to start an amazing relationship, and if you are very honest about doing so

10 bigtime bigtime

Date joined: 2017-06-07
Male, 58, Ajax, Ontario, Distance: 839 Miles
Description: Average. simple but not afraid to speak their mind. good hygiene and cleanliness.

11 braveheart0919 braveheart0919

Date joined: 2017-06-06
Male, 30, Etobicoke, Ontario, Distance: 821 Miles

12 superboy1200 superboy1200

Date joined: 2017-06-05
Male, 50, Trenton, Ontario, Distance: 890 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Family, friends, cheesecake, chocolate, iPhone pizza.

13 zorro zorro

Date joined: 2017-06-03
Male, 38, Etobicoke, Ontario, Distance: 823 Miles
You should message me if: It rings any bell...

14 erin211 erin211

Date joined: 2017-06-01
Female, 28, Port Colborne, Ontario, Distance: 870 Miles
You should message me if: im very unique

15 bamba53 bamba53

Date joined: 2017-06-01
Male, 53, North York, Ontario, Distance: 824 Miles
You should message me if: If you’re just good and kind person and bringing peace to the world, just down to the earth…

16 ttrucker ttrucker

Date joined: 2017-05-31
Male, 20, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 834 Miles
You should message me if: Needs: Smarter the average, cyclist, funny, healthy amount of fat or athletic, can protect self once and awhile, will work, nice and hates idiots. Wants: Professional driver, 6' or more, wants ...

17 anabel anabel

Date joined: 2017-05-25
Female, 29, Acton, Ontario, Distance: 808 Miles
Description: Collected and calm

18 rockrworld rockrworld

Date joined: 2017-05-21
Male, 50, London, Ontario, Distance: 788 Miles

19 sarahhonesty56 sarahhonesty56

Date joined: 2017-05-20
Female, 28, Ahmic Harbour, Ontario, Distance: 749 Miles
Description: My believe is based on the philosophy of life which makes me believe that Tough time never last but tough people do. when am in need of something,i dont care travelling around the world in search of ...

20 jimleyola jimleyola

Date joined: 2017-05-17
Male, 49, York, Ontario, Distance: 825 Miles
You should message me if: You are intrested

21 leeleafs74 leeleafs74

Date joined: 2017-05-16
Male, 42, St Catharines, Ontario, Distance: 859 Miles
Description: Looking to meet new people

22 inna123 inna123

Date joined: 2017-05-13
Female, 37, Woodbridge, Ontario, Distance: 820 Miles
I'm really good at: Cooking etc.

23 carina1028 carina1028

Date joined: 2017-05-13
Female, 30, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 830 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Honesty,music,food,water,bible,God

24 ajon1980 ajon1980

Date joined: 2017-05-12
Male, 36, Belleville, Ontario, Distance: 896 Miles
I'm really good at: Working with technology.

25 prusila86 prusila86

Date joined: 2017-05-12
Male, 30, Wahnapitae, Ontario, Distance: 674 Miles
Description: Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. Love the outdoors, hate big cities. Love to travel in the summer, hang out with friends and I hate drama.


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