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1 peddyp peddyp

Date joined: 2017-12-15
Male, 60, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 833 Miles
Six things I can't live without: A loving and caring woman, water, food,my child, working and money.

2 behrouz75 behrouz75

Date joined: 2017-12-13
Male, 42, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Distance: 822 Miles
You should message me if: Honest , responsible , hard worker , animal lover .caring .

3 friendship1 friendship1

Date joined: 2017-12-11
Male, 60, Hamilton, Ontario, Distance: 831 Miles

4 cravisto15 cravisto15

Date joined: 2017-12-11
Male, 48, North York, Ontario, Distance: 826 Miles
Six things I can't live without: my guitar, my dog , my son , my job

5 bobbydhesi bobbydhesi

Date joined: 2017-12-10
Male, 21, Ajax, Ontario, Distance: 839 Miles
Description: I love sports, gaming, having fun

6 tony101 tony101

Date joined: 2017-12-09
Male, 40, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 833 Miles
Description: I'm a hopeless romantric man that likes to have fun. I don't think that justty because you believe in romance, everything has  to be all sappy and mushy all the time. I defi ...

7 joebou joebou

Date joined: 2017-12-08
Male, 34, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles
I'm really good at: Counting to 10.

8 prasath18 prasath18

Date joined: 2017-12-07
Male, 32, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 832 Miles
Description: I am looking good girl friends

9 vickibrad vickibrad

Date joined: 2017-12-06
Male, 28, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 926 Miles

10 hchy hchy

Date joined: 2017-12-04
Male, 52, Beaverton, Ontario, Distance: 812 Miles
You should message me if:

11 sexybabe26 sexybabe26

Date joined: 2017-12-03
Female, 26, Delhi, Ontario, Distance: 823 Miles
Description: Hello! I'm Jen. I'm a animal lover.

12 sarahb sarahb

Date joined: 2017-12-02
Female, 28, Hamilton, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Cooking, Travel, Driven, Dancing,Reading, Swimming

13 davidgebbert davidgebbert

Date joined: 2017-12-02
Male, 58, East York, Ontario, Distance: 832 Miles
Description: caring and loving

14 dwood dwood

Date joined: 2017-12-01
Male, 53, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 766 Miles
Description: I'm a gentle hard working man from a middle-class family background, I was born in Colorado but currently living in Dover, DE, USA. I am honest, caring, fun loving and understanding man with so m ...

15 gus6575 gus6575

Date joined: 2017-11-30
Male, 64, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Distance: 865 Miles

16 beverly_jane beverly_jane

Date joined: 2017-11-29
Female, 27, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 833 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Traveling, spending time with family, outdoor activities, relaxing at the beach and currently catching up on GOT

17 brantmale45 brantmale45

Date joined: 2017-11-27
Male, 45, Brantford, Ontario, Distance: 820 Miles
I'm really good at: a lot of things and believe me it ain't talk

18 olivia1980 olivia1980

Date joined: 2017-11-24
Female, 36, Newmarket, Ontario, Distance: 814 Miles
You should message me if: ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 vev12k vev12k

Date joined: 2017-11-24
Male, 59, Windsor, Ontario, Distance: 759 Miles
Six things I can't live without: my Carrier,family,motorbike,water,computer, good books

20 macgyver macgyver

Date joined: 2017-11-23
Male, 46, Holland Landing, Ontario, Distance: 811 Miles

21 jazzy jazzy

Date joined: 2017-11-19
Male, 24, Belleville, Ontario, Distance: 896 Miles
Description: Engineer, project manager, social worker, good friend. loyal fake people stay sway

22 daisiesandlilac daisiesandlilac

Date joined: 2017-11-18
Female, 59, Oshawa, Ontario, Distance: 844 Miles
I'm really good at: Making people feel at ease, having empathy for others, organizing, having fun with family and friends.

23 christalee62 christalee62

Date joined: 2017-11-17
Female, 55, Chatham, Ontario, Distance: 782 Miles
Description: I am easy going, caring and understanding. I like to do somethings more than others, I am also quite down to earth

24 lifecompanion65 lifecompanion65

Date joined: 2017-11-17
Male, 65, Belleville, Ontario, Distance: 897 Miles

25 tiffanywaits tiffanywaits

Date joined: 2017-11-16
Female, 35, Ottawa, Ontario, Distance: 929 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Gym, writing pad, phone, head set, nice shoes and food


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