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1 sweetcorn sweetcorn

Date joined: 2017-03-27
Female, 38, York, Ontario, Distance: 828 Miles

2 phunt47 phunt47

Date joined: 2017-03-26
Male, 47, Mississauga, Ontario, Distance: 828 Miles
Description: I am fairly new to the Mississauga area and am looking for interesting and open-minded people. I am 6' tall with dark hair, green eyes and am fit and attractive. I am also easy going with a good ...

3 lionman lionman

Date joined: 2017-03-25
Male, 62, Newmarket, Ontario, Distance: 815 Miles
Description: I'm a man on a mission who knows what he wants, sort of a cross between Indiana Jones and McGiver. Part scientist, part engineer and part artist, I love to tinker in my shop on one of my many pro ...

4 questdream questdream

Date joined: 2017-03-20
Male, 60, Peterborough, Ontario, Distance: 852 Miles
I'm really good at: communication skills

5 alinna alinna

Date joined: 2017-03-19
Female, 48, North York, Ontario, Distance: 824 Miles
You should message me if: If you are the same in common

6 jody62 jody62

Date joined: 2017-03-19
Female, 34, East York, Ontario, Distance: 831 Miles
Description: i want to meet someone who knows what they want in life and what they are looking for so when they find it they will hang on to it and appreciate it

7 tinybum tinybum

Date joined: 2017-03-17
Male, 51, Almonte, Ontario, Distance: 911 Miles
Description: Are you a Top Disciplinarian mature looking for a long term 24/7 submissive mature yet very young in mind and body with no experience that would relocate if need be and looking for a long term partner ...

8 pauly_h pauly_h

Date joined: 2017-03-16
Male, 20, Mississauga, Ontario, Distance: 826 Miles
Description: I am very ambitious young man, who wants to meet someone special :)

9 oakdude1 oakdude1

Date joined: 2017-03-15
Male, 45, Oakville, Ontario, Distance: 827 Miles
Six things I can't live without: Food, water, a home, family, friends and my cell phone.

10 11_11scorpio 11_11scorpio

Date joined: 2017-03-12
Female, 35, Chelmsford, Ontario, Distance: 654 Miles
Description: Looking for a best friend for life.

11 jaimey1979 jaimey1979

Date joined: 2017-03-11
Female, 38, St Catharines, Ontario, Distance: 859 Miles

12 christina0i0 christina0i0

Date joined: 2017-03-09
Female, 48, Beachburg, Ontario, Distance: 867 Miles
Description: I am a genuine, down to earth lady with a welcoming sense of humor. I enjoy meeting open minded people who enjoy exploring new places and trying new things. Anyone who is easy-going, sociable, and lov ...

13 ishrak_mir ishrak_mir

Date joined: 2017-03-08
Male, 23, North York, Ontario, Distance: 833 Miles
I'm really good at: biking and computers

14 unknowing unknowing

Date joined: 2017-03-07
Male, 24, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Distance: 929 Miles
Description: i'm a nice careing guy

15 deshuge deshuge

Date joined: 2017-03-06
Male, 33, Etobicoke, Ontario, Distance: 821 Miles

16 superd1234 superd1234

Date joined: 2017-03-05
Male, 43, Angus, Ontario, Distance: 786 Miles
Six things I can't live without: sex , my son movies my job , friends, my car books the gym.

17 desoneal desoneal

Date joined: 2017-03-02
Male, 40, Kitchener, Ontario, Distance: 799 Miles

18 gentiana gentiana

Date joined: 2017-02-26
Female, 60, Mississauga, Ontario, Distance: 820 Miles
Six things I can't live without: water, air, food,

19 countrygirl9 countrygirl9

Date joined: 2017-02-24
Female, 32, Renfrew, Ontario, Distance: 883 Miles
Description: Looking for a girl that would like to have fun with my spouse and I. I'm a biserial female that loves sharing her man.

20 gtagent613 gtagent613

Date joined: 2017-02-24
Male, 43, North York, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles
Description: Hi there thank you for viewing. I am a 43 year old divorced male, who is caring, kind, supportive and friendly. I'm looking for a loving long term relationship one that is build on trust, communi ...

21 willliams willliams

Date joined: 2017-02-23
Male, 55, Toronto, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles
I'm really good at: science math keeping secret

22 nice2b2inabox nice2b2inabox

Date joined: 2017-02-22
Female, 31, Scarborough, Ontario, Distance: 832 Miles
You should message me if: if you find me interesting and attractive

23 jason10 jason10

Date joined: 2017-02-21
Male, 56, North York, Ontario, Distance: 826 Miles
Description: good looking and honest

24 leanagelberg leanagelberg

Date joined: 2017-02-21
Female, 46, North York, Ontario, Distance: 829 Miles
Description: i'd love to meet an honest man, i love men from the army very handsome, i love men with long hair very handsome

25 preetman preetman

Date joined: 2017-02-21
Male, 22, Brampton, Ontario, Distance: 817 Miles
Six things I can't live without: I can't live without romance sex and fun


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