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18dream: 28 years old Single Female from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. Looking for: Dating, Marriage 
We believe that this user is really Canadian.
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Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
City:Fort Saskatchewan
I'm living:with parents
Sexual Orientation:straight
Family Status:single
Height:157 cm (5' 2")
Weight:66 kg (146 lbs)
Hair Color:light brown
Eye Color:blue
Education:Some college
Ethnic Origin/Race:caucasian (white)
Hobbies:shopping, my cellphone, movies, cooking, baking, the walking
I'm looking for:dating, marriage
Partner's Age:I would like to meet someone close to my age
Description:hey! well to start off, I am an 18 year old girl with a love for Asian men, I only date asian guys, true gentleman are a must, I need a man who opens the car door and offers his jacket.I would prefer it if you could drive. I love a man who is sensible and sweet, romantic and clingy, the clingier the guy the better. I love a man who wants to take care of me, who wants to protect me and who wants to be around me all the time. A guy with muscle is never a downfall. But I really need someone loyal and committed. I want a man who is genuinely concerned for me, who never wants to leave me alone and who has a very traditional outlook on life. But that's enough about what I want in you, I believe that this should be about what I could give you, rather then what you could give me. I really like bubble tea, but I'm not so big on rice, It is honestly a texture thing, so sushi is out, but I am all for sashimi. I love korean BBQ and Pho, but my favorite thing in the world is Dim Sum! I'm really pretty despite my weight and quite proud of it and to be honest I want a guy that is super proud of having me too! to be honest I would really like a guy to be clingy, the clinier the better, I have all the love in the world to give and I need one man to be able to handle it. I am a very sweet, very traditional girl, when I have children I would love to stay at home with them, having my husband come home to his house that smells like freshly baked pastries and a warm traditional dinner. My dream is to be married, and have a steady job in healthcare, eventually have children, but mostly have adventures with the man I love before hand. I have a plan and a back-up plan for everything but things always tend to get off course with me, I'm very spontaneous, I have a large love for pizza and other junk, I am a teenage girl in college after all! I came from a great family, loving parents that are still married, cute pug (who I had to leave behind with my family) I like to dance and sing, many people tell me that I should have been a singer for a famous band or that I should have tried out for american Idol, I used to model, and I weighed very little (under 100lbs) and then I gained weight, I wont lie, I now weigh around 145lbs, and my self confidence has been a little low lately. I'm not overly picky, personality and how chivalrous you are matters far more then how hot you are. I don`t do much working out (All I do is climb 10 flights of stairs a day) so I don`t expect you to work out like 19 hours a week like it is your only goal in life, you must love my body though, and I mean love it. It is very important to me that you appreciate me and show me affection. I thrive off affection and I love a man who is jealous. A possessive guy is great. I love Disney movies, you will never ever get me to stop watching them, if there was a choice between a new Disney cartoon and an action, I would go for the Disney movie, hands down. I dreamed of being a Disney princess when I was younger and it led to an obsession with the jewellery store Tiffany`s, I only want jewellery from Tiffany`s, nothing else compares. So to answer your question if you read this far is no, my name is not Tiffany. I really like things such as lazy days in bed, and cooking, I am an incredible baker, no one makes a better home made apple pie then yours truly. I also love animals. Also if you know what harvest moon is and you enjoy playing it then you should contact me immediately! This is all I have to say about myself right now, if there are any more questions please ask me! I`m not mean!!!! oh btw a quote that suits me perfectly is ``I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it!!!``
Six things I can't live without:my cellphone, my glasses, my bed, people, a toothbrush, and indoor plumbing.
I'm really good at:shopping, talking, shooting guns, cuddling, and being lazy. I guess I'm good at singing and dancing as well, I once had a texan tell me in the elevator while I was doing laundry "waz that chuu singin down stares? you sure got a pretty voice. you should be a singer for a career." I giggled, he was a funny guy.
You should message me if:you love harvest moon and escargot, or are a sweet asian guy looking for along term relationship with a white girl. and cant get enough of modest mouse's "float on"

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