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Zodiac Sign:Libra
I'm living:alone
Sexual Orientation:straight
Family Status:widowed
Height:174 cm (5' 9")
Weight:59 kg (130 lbs)
Hair Color:black
Eye Color:hazel
Education:Degree level
Occupation:construction manager
Ethnic Origin/Race:caucasian (white)
Hobbies:Anything outdoors
I'm looking for:dating, marriage
Partner's Age:Age is not important to me
Description:My world is a world built for two. One where we look to each other for support and lean on each other when things are bad, and hold each other when things are good. One where we respect each others differences and give each other space, but also enjoy each others similarities and our time sharing them, together. We can agree to disagree, and still go home holding hands when we’re done. We are humble in defeat, and gracious in victory. We know we can talk to each other anytime about anything. We enjoy being with friends. We can poke fun at each other and know it’s all good. We are compassionate and understanding, and we are our number one cheerleaders. We enjoy giving rather than receiving. And most of all, we are in love with each other. So what’s in it for her? I’m not one to toot my own horn, but in the interest of someone who may want to know more, I can tell you that I’m financially and emotionally stable, and I’m in a place now where I want to pursue other interests and not have to worry about the little things so much. I have a great deal of good friends who are my friends because of what they have told me about myself, namely that I care about them, are generous with my time when someone needs a hand with whatever it may be: a lift, an extra hand with home repairs, a computer problem, a friendly ear, or a partner for an evening out. I like doing things for other people, at least as much as I do for myself. I consider myself pretty even tempered, laid back and always up for ballgame. Things I like: baseball games, bowling, kissing, the company of good friends, dining out, a good movie, animals (especially dogs), winter, spring, summer, fall, weekend getaways, music, the tv off and the stereo on, blues clubs, going to the gym, taking pictures, concerts, lazy afternoons on the chaise lounge, a good hamburger, billiards, bike rides, and more kissing..
Six things I can't live without:ma work God House Phone Family Money
I'm really good at:Making my family the happiest on earth...
You should message me if:You really think we can get to know each other and see where it takes us too...

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