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Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
I'm living:with roommate(s)
Sexual Orientation:straight
Family Status:single
Height:173 cm (5' 8")
Weight:136 kg (300 lbs)
Hair Color:blonde
Eye Color:brown
Education:Some University
Occupation:Co-Op Student
Ethnic Origin/Race:caucasian (white)
Hobbies:Photograpghy, Technology, Music
I'm looking for:friends, dating
Partner's Age:I would like to meet someone close to my age
Description:Hi, I'm Adam. Around people that I know and in situations that I am comfortable with I am quite extroverted, other than those times I am quite introverted. Although I hated art class in school I have come to really enjoy art, photograpghy specifically. In my spare time I like thrift shop, photograph things, go to museums and watch TV and various other forms of media. I like thrift shopping because it's much more unpredictable than the typical mall fair. Also because you don't have to suffer the heartbreak when your brand new item receives a tiny mark of imperfection. I enjoy photography because I really enjoy art but do not have the requiste skill to produce anything close to art any other way. I like museums because when I would go on trips when I was young we would always go to the local museums and I now have a fondness for big rooms with display, whether they be art galleries or science centres. I like TV and movies because as a child of the 90's I was practically raised by the T. V., more specifically The Simpsons which I tend to quote quite frequently.
Six things I can't live without:
I'm really good at:
You should message me if:

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  Comments about me:
    babegirl4u:  Hello Dear, I am Princess by name, I saw your profile today ( princess_babybaby(at)ya ) and found you worthy to be mine as some one whom i can lay on his arms as long as love is concern, caring and teassing you all the nightlong, If you are interested in knowing more about and for me to send you some pictures of mine please contact me thus,, ( princess_babybaby(at)ya ) awaiting to hear from you.

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